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Hi, Mike here, sorry for the trouble but the file you want has been removed from the Public Files area and placed in the Private Download area.
Why? well, that file (as well as many others) is downloaded so many times that the quota has been violated and I need to transfer it to request only area. Why? (sounds like a 2 year old huh) When I exceed my quota I get charged.
So, to keep this site free, I need to request that you send me a quick note for the file you want and I'll send it to you via email.
If you're looking for Outlook PST file fixer, I found the new download page on Micro$oft's website. Click here. If that doesn't help you, come back here and I'll send you a copy. For more info about fixing your broke Outlook file look here...
Go to my page to and use the Email link there.




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